Embryoscope has come as a breakthrough in medical science for doctors and researchers to keep track of embryo growth. At Baby Science IVF Clinics, we use this device from fertilization to implantation throughout the incubation period. We have infertility experts to keep track of fertilized embryos and their growth 24x7 in the incubator. Patients and doctors can monitor embryo growth and improve the chances of pregnancy.

What is Embryoscope? 


This incubator maintains the ideal condition to ensure an embryo's good health after male and female gametes' conjunction to develop a fetus. It helps to keep the physiological condition of the fetus in good shape in the laboratory setting. It also records every change as it happens in your embryo and allows the doctors to study it. Finally, you get the best embryo to improve the success rate. 

Benefits of Embryoscope 

There are so many apparatus to do the same task. But Embryoscope is helpful for doctors and researchers in many ways. Here are some of the benefits – 

  • Embryoscope provides all the essential information to the doctors in real-time regarding the growth of the embryo.
  • Doctors can choose the best embryo for the potential mother, and it helps in successful embryo transfer. 
  • Makes embryo culture stress-free and simple 
  • Keep fetus for a more extended period in a lab setting

Embryoscope Time-Lapse System

The Time-Lapse system cuts down the time limits in observation and adds pressure to embryos in assessment and culture. Time-lapse technology provides constant image acquisition and undisturbed culture. It gives a more objective analysis to improve your selection. 

Observing embryos all the time to make accurate calculations while avoiding disturbance to prevent any stress has been a challenge. This way, time-lapse Embryoscope technology can provide constant observation in intact culture. Here’s how it improves success rate – 

  • Reduce abortion rate – We choose the best embryo to transfer into your uterus. Hence, it reduces the loss of pregnancies and abortion rate. 
  • Better results – Time-lapse technology improves the chances of choosing a viable embryo to transplant. It improves clinical outcomes. 
  • Shorter time – This technology reduces pregnancy losses and improves clinical pregnancy rate to cut down the time to pregnancy. 

Why Choose Baby Science for Embryoscope? 


Baby Science is one of the best fertility clinics in Bangalore known for high ICSI and IVF success rate. We have thousands of satisfied patients who succeed in conceiving after getting treatment here. We have highly experienced and qualified doctors to provide low Embryoscope cost for all patients. Visit Baby Science IVF Clinics for the best IVF treatment by using the latest Embryoscope Time-Lapse system to improve pregnancy rate. It is especially helpful when you’ve failed the embryo implantation process earlier, as it secures the nucleus in the long run. 

Embryo Scope Is Done By An Embryologist (doctor). In This Process, An Embryologist Monitors The Division Of Embryo Cells Through A Kind Of Incubator That Is Known As “Embryo Scope”. A Camera Is Attached To The Incubator To See The Pictures Of The Division Of An Embryo When Needed. Through Embryo Scope, An Embryologist Can Determine The Quality Of The Embryo Or Egg.

Embryo Scope Is Also Known As An Incubator That Includes A Camera. To Determine The Division Of The Embryo, An Embryologist Uses Embryo Scope (incubator) To Check The Embryo Cells. Through A Camera, An Embryologist Can Take Pictures Of The Embryo To Know The Cell Divisions Of The Embryo In The Incubator. Millions Of People Have Been Treated With Embryo Scope.