10 Early Pregnancy Symptoms You Should Be Aware Of

10 Early Pregnancy Symptoms You Should Be Aware Of

During pregnancy, hormonal changes are common in women. However, several symptoms are responsible for the changes in hormones. Some women have to face several symptoms of pregnancy. But, most women are unable to understand the signs of early pregnancy. In reality, there are numerous signs to know about the pregnancy. After getting pregnant, women have to face several changes in their body. For example, these changes are headache, backache, leg cramps, itching, indigestion, constipation, etc. 

If you are facing any of the above changes in your body, visit a gynaecologist. Your doctor will provide the right guidance as per the health conditions. Here are 10 early pregnancy symptoms that you should know:

1. Missing a period

Usually, missing a period is known as a primary symptom of pregnancy. However, some women have to face light bleeding after getting pregnant. Overall, missed periods are the first month of pregnancy symptoms.

2. Morning sickness & vomiting

More than half of the pregnant women have to experience morning sickness. During this, women may have to face nausea, vomiting, and poor appetite. Sometimes, women have to feel morning sickness for the whole day. This is why; it is known as a pre-pregnancy symptom before the missed period. According to the study, morning sickness occurs between 4 to 6 weeks of pregnancy. Also, it may continue for the whole pregnancy period.

3. Changes in breast

Breast changes are the common symptoms of pregnancy in women. The breast can become enlarged, tender, and fuller during pregnancy. Also, you may notice the darker skin around the nipple. The veins of the breast will become transparent during the pregnancy period. However, you may also notice the changes in your breast within some days before your menstrual cycle.

4. Exhaustion/tiredness

Indeed, tiredness is a very early sign of pregnancy in 1 week. The high level of progesterone (sex hormone) is the main reason behind tiredness. Usually, progesterone helps to develop the baby, maintain metabolism and pregnancy. This is why:-

  • The doctor always advises pregnant women to take rest every day. 
  • After 4 months of pregnancy, the energy level starts to gain again in the body. 
  • According to the experts, anaemia is another reason behind exhaustion. The deficiency of iron is the major cause of anaemia.
  • It is important to eat iron-rich foods to fulfil the deficiency of iron during pregnancy.
  • Some medical treatments are available to cure anaemia for women.

5. Repeated urination

Due to the pregnancy, women have to experience the higher efficiency of the kidney. Also, the swelling on the uterus starts to press the bladder. This is the main reason behind repeated urination. Within the 1st week of pregnancy, women have to experience frequent urination. 

6. Desire of food

The desire for food is a common symptom in pregnancy. Most pregnant women like to consume energetic items like milk, cheese, and other dairy products. One more thing is that you may notice some changes in the taste of foods. During pregnancy, most women like to eat soil or paper which shows a deficiency of nutrition. In this regard, you should contact the gynaecologist/doctor.

7. Breathing problems

In many cases, breathing problems are also the symptoms of pregnancy. It is all because of the progesterone hormone. This hormone increases the capacity of your lungs. Likewise, you can carry plenty of oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide with other wastages. That is why; women have to feel a shortage of breath. If you are facing breathing problems along with any of the following, you should contact to the gynaecologist:

  • Pain in the body
  • Heart pounding or palpitations
  • Ultimate tiredness
  • Physical workouts 

8. Constipation

After getting pregnant, indigestion problems are common in women. Constipation occurs due to the high level of progesterone hormone in the body. In such a situation, food will pass slowly throughout your intestine. To overcome this problem, it is advised to drink lots of water first. Along with water, you should also do physical workouts and consume food enriched with fibre.

9. Headaches & back pain

According to the study, mostly pregnant women experience headaches and pain in the back. That is why; it becomes important to take less stress during pregnancy. Stress, anxiety, and depression are common issues in pregnancy. Also, many infertile couples are unable to conceive a baby. For those infertile couples, IVF specialists in India are available for better guidance.

10. Fainting

It is another symptom that leads to tiredness and dizziness. This symptom might relate to low blood pressure, low blood sugar, and enlarged blood vessels. Thus, women can face all or any of the above symptoms during pregnancy.


In reality, the symptoms of early pregnancy are dependent upon the body of women. However, above are the major signs of pregnancy in women. If you are facing any of the above symptoms, you should contact the doctor. The guidance of doctors is essential to have a healthy pregnancy.

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