10 Winter Care Pregnancy Tips For Healthy And Unassisted Childbirth To New Moms

10 Winter Care Pregnancy Tips For Healthy And Unassisted Childbirth To New Moms

After giving birth to a baby, a mom has to carry lots of responsibilities. Every mother has a desire to provide the best possible care to her baby. In other words, women have to take care of their babies every season. Similarly, it is important to protect the baby in winter. In such weather, it is difficult to face the extreme cold for newborn babies. The immune system of a newborn baby is not so strong. That is why; he/she needs extra care in winter to avoid colds, coughs, infections, and dry skin. Here are 10 winter care pregnancy tips for new moms and babies:


1. Stay neat & clean

If you want to prevent your baby from infections, colds, and coughs, it is important to stay healthy. Do not forget to wash your hands before touching your baby. However, you can also use sanitizer in place of washing hands. By maintaining hygiene, you can prevent the baby from several germs and bacteria.

2. Provide moisturizer

As we know that the skin of the baby is so soft and flexible. Also, it is essential to use the best moisturizer on a daily basis to avoid dryness and itchiness. As per recent research work, natural products (enriched with milk cream and butter) are a better option instead of chemicals. 

3. Do massage

In reality, massage is so important for newborn babies. Doing massage on a daily basis helps to improve the flow of blood and the immune system. Choose good and natural baby oil to massage. However, you can also contact the fertility centre to know important things for newborn babies.

4. Don’t forget to breastfeed the baby

Remember, breastfeeding is an important protein to enhance the immunity of the baby. For at least 6 months, you should feed the newborn baby. Also, breastfeeding is important for the pregnancy in IVF.

5. Don’t skip vaccination

After giving birth to the baby, don’t skip vaccination for the safety of the baby. Experts/doctors say that vaccination should be done in scheduled time to avoid several diseases. From birth to 5 years, vaccination plays an important role to keep the baby safe and healthy.

6. Don’t use heavy blankets

In winter, you have to cover the body of your baby with a blanket. But, choosing a heavy blanket is not a good option! Heavy blankets and pillows create complications in the movement of the baby. Also, heavy things may be the cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

7. Stay in your house

Extra cold environment is also not good and healthy for a newborn baby. If the environment is cold, it is advised not to go outside the house. But, staying indoors is also not healthy for both of you. In this situation, you can go outside but make sure that the baby should be covered properly. Apart from it, most of you are aware of the IVF success rate. You can directly contact the IVF clinic for any pregnancy-related issues.

8. Don’t use baby products over

In winters, it is better to avoid the use of soaps and shampoos to avoid dry skin of the baby. During the winter season, go with a simple bath with a good and natural moisturizer. It will be a better option to maintain the softness of your baby’s skin.

9. Maintain the warmth of your room

In the winter season, you should keep your room hot/warm for newborn babies. In this regard, you can also use a heater in your room to protect your baby from the cold wind. During treatment of IVF, experts always maintain the warmth of room for the patient.

10. Don’t forget to provide multivitamins

After giving birth, a doctor/expert will advise you to give multivitamins to the baby. So, do not skip the schedule to provide multivitamins. These proteins and multivitamins are essential to developing bones, strength, and immunity. Also, you should go with the prescriptions of the doctor before providing multivitamins.


During the winter season, it is very important to keep your baby safe and healthy. If you notice any health problems in your baby, it is advised to consult with your doctor quickly. Secondly, the above tips are reliable and best for new moms and babies. In case of doubt/issue, you should contact your doctor for further advice. 

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