How Much Does Test Tube Baby Procedure Cost In India?

How Much Does Test Tube Baby Procedure Cost In India?

In general terms, IVF is known as a test tube baby. And the test tube baby is known as a non-medical term and IVF is called a medical term. When a couple is unable to conceive pregnancy then IVF or test-tube has been used to cure the cause of infertility. Here are some steps that are involved during the process of test-tube baby:


1) Production of Eggs: - The first step is to harvest eggs in the ovary of women. The main purpose of producing multiple eggs is to select a mature egg among them. Prescribed medications are also provided to mature the eggs in the ovary.


2) Matured Eggs are taken from the Ovary: - In the next step, matured eggs are selected from the ovary and sent to the lab for further testing. Among the several eggs, only a few of them can mature for future use. These embryos are sent to the lab for the process of fertilisation.


3) Sample of Sperm: - In this step, a sample of sperm has been taken from the donor or father. In a doctor’s office, you have to provide a sample of semen in a container through masturbation. However, you will also get a private room for masturbation. Afterwards, the sample of sperm is sent to the lab for the fertilization process.


4) Fertilisation of Eggs & Sperm: - It is the 4th step in which eggs and sperm are fertilised together in the lab. It is very important to fertilise a mature egg with sperm. During fertilisation, fertility experts also examine the quality and growth of the embryo. If the embryo is of the best quality then it will be used for the last step.


5) Place Fertilised Embryo into the Womb: - It is the last step in which fertilised embryos transfer back to the uterus of women. This process is done through a small catheter by a surgeon. After the process, you have to visit the doctor’s office and the doctor will check the outcomes. If results are positive then you can conceive a pregnancy after some days of treatment.



Causes that can be treated with Test Tube Baby!

With the help of a test tube baby or IVF, you can cure a different kind of infertility. We all know that the test-tube works the same as IVF. Through this method, you can get rid of various types of infertility like as:


  • Blockage of fallopian tubes
  • Male infertility
  • Any unexplained infertility
  • Infertility related to ovary
  • PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)
  • Failure of Premature Ovarian
  • Endometriosis
  • Age-related infertility


What is Test Tube Baby Cost in India?

The cost of test tube baby or IVF differs from one test tube baby centre to another and is expensive. It is, as several factors play a significant role in the procedure. In India, there are thousands of health centres that are providing test tube baby services to users. Each centre has a different price due to the below reasons:


  • Older age: - The chance of having pregnancy is going down according to the increment of age. In simple words, there are higher chances of getting pregnant in women below 35 years of age. After 35 years, the chance of getting pregnant is low. In such a condition, a woman has to go with more than one cycle which may cost higher.

  • Types of Infertility: - There are various methods of treating infertility. Treatment depends upon the type of infertility. So, the test tube baby cost may differ according to the cause of infertility.

  • Services of Health Centre: - The services provided to the patient at the clinic can also increase the cost. However, you may also have to pay for the additional tests, ultrasounds and other blood tests during treatment.



The cost of a test-tube baby varies, as it depends upon types of infertility and duration of treatment. However, it would be better to visit an IVF or test tube baby clinic to know all the things associated with your fertility issues and the available options. 

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