Breastfeeding Tips: 9 Things We All Worry About When Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Tips: 9 Things We All Worry About When Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a natural process and crucial for an infant. It keeps the infant safe and is good for maternal health. Further, it saves money and is cheaper, more comfortable, and simpler if it goes smoothly. It is a difficult job for you if you are going to feed your breast milk to your child for the first time. Here are the 9 things you should worry about when breastfeeding your baby or if you are a first-time mom:


1. Position 

You should know whether your breastfeeding position is correct or not. The doctors at an IVF centre in Kalyan Nagar (Bangalore) state that breastfeeding in the sitting position is not good for your health. It lays unnecessary pressure on your back and neck muscles that can make you feel tired or have severe pain. For the correct breastfeeding position:

  • Find an armchair with a slightly reclining back or a straight back and keep your baby in your arms
  • Sleep on your right or left side with a pillow to get support     

2. Quantity and quality of breastfeeding 

As a first-time mom, you think a lot whether you are breastfeeding enough or not. It is hard to mention the right quantity and quality. However, you can let your child determine how much to breastfeed. With time, you will be familiar with your baby’s manners. This familiarity will enable you to anticipate you when you should breastfeed your kid and when you should not. You will start breastfeeding your child before he/she starts crying or feels hunger. Your baby will stop taking milk from your breasts when he/she is full. You need to guide your baby to the nipple into the mouth if he/she has no contact with your nipple. Never try to force feed your child.   

3. Breastfeeding to sleeping baby 

Usually, infants sleep for 18-20 hours a day. They are asleep mostly at night. In such a case, you (new moms) have a query whether you should wake up your sleeping baby to feed or not. The doctors at an IVF clinic in Kalyan Nagar say that you should not wake up your sleeping child to feed. You are a lucky mom if your infant sleeps in a stretch at night. Keep in mind babies don’t keep sleeping when they are hungry. You should breastfeed your child if he/she starts crying at night. 

4. Baby holding position 

It is your primary concern. While holding your baby for breastfeeding, you should provide support to your child by the head nape. Avoid pushing your baby head forward, as it can cause resistance and hurt you by having pressure on your nipple. For the better holding position, 

  • Guide your child to your breast nipple
  • Bring the level of your baby’s mouth to your nipple  
  • Keep your baby’s head slightly tilted and nose clear
  • Latch your child onto your breast nipple         

5. Breast milk leakage 

After giving birth to a baby, milk leaking from the breasts is normal. You shouldn’t worry about the leakage of your breast milk. It happens due to unusual long-time breastfeeding or your thinking about your baby. With time, there is a decrease in it.   

6. Breastfeeding painful or not 

First-time moms want to know whether breastfeeding is painful or not. The doctors at a fertility clinic in Kalyan Nagar state that you may have mild discomfort. It will happen to you when your baby firmly latches or sucks your nipples. Gradually, such discomfort disappears as your nipples and skin around them adapt to your baby’s habits. Further, you should avoid wearing tight inner or outfits.

7. Milk production  

You don’t need to worry a lot about it. In fact, milk production in your body depends on how much your child consumes. You shouldn’t worry about milk production in your body and weight gain. 

8. Breast engorgement 

Breast engorgement is the issue most of you (first-time moms) face and worry about. It happens to you when your body (breasts) produces more milk in comparison with your baby’s consumption. You should breastfeed as much as your child needs to avoid it. Further, you can take out milk from your breasts by using your hands or a breast pump if breast engorgement continues.  

9. Baby falls asleep while breastfeeding   

Many of you worry about what you should do when your child falls asleep during breastfeeding. Falling asleep during breastfeeding is natural for babies. Your baby sleeps when his/her tummy gets filled or he/she becomes drowsy. You should let him/her awake and start sucking your breast milk. If your child doesn’t do it, you should let him/her sleep in bed.


The write-up has explained all the common things that you can worry about breastfeeding. All the things mentioned above are only for information purposes. However, consulting your doctor will be better for you.  

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