Can I Get Pregnant Naturally – Sex During Fertility Window

Can I Get Pregnant Naturally – Sex During Fertility Window

Fate plays a role in getting pregnant. However, it does not mean that you leave everything to the luck factor or God. There are ways and means that will help in increasing your chances of getting pregnant.

Know Your Ovulation Cycle By Connecting With A Fertility Centre

Having sex during your fertile period will increase your chances of getting pregnant. For this, you have to first understand when you are going to ovulate. Ovulation is the time when the egg is released from the ovary to the fallopian tube in the woman's body. To know your ovulation period:



  • Take your basal body temperature in the morning every day and keep a record of the same. During your most fertile period, there will be a slight temperature rise.
  • Make the use of an online ovulation calculator to get an idea about your ovulation period.
  • Remember, if your cycle is irregular then connect with a leading IVF centre. Such a clinic might have the best fertility doctor in Bangalore.

Maximise your Chances of Getting Pregnant or Connect with An IVF Centre

You can try to get pregnant naturally by maximising your fertility. Here are some tips that you can follow to get pregnant fast:

  • The best thing that you can do is that you should have sex every day. This will increase your chances of getting pregnant. If you can’t do it every day, you must ensure that you have to make love just around your ovulation period. Be clear that you do not miss out on the most fertile days of your cycle if you want to get pregnant fast.
  • You can connect with a fertility centre that can guide you in preconception planning. The specialists at the centre provide advice on what measures you must take if you do not get pregnant naturally. They will suggest methods like IVF which can help you conceive.
  • Keep a tab on your weight as you can suffer from ovulation problems if you are overweight or underweight.

Baby Planning Needs some Sacrifices

Some things are not advisable if you are trying to get pregnant. The couple has to make sure that they avoid the following things if they are planning to have a baby soon:

  • Tobacco and alcohol can be harmful to fertility. So, avoid smoking, chewing tobacco, and drinking alcohol if you want to conceive.
  • Avoid doing strenuous exercise for hours.
  • Doctors at the fertility centre may ask the couple to reduce their caffeine intake as that can also affect fertility adversely.
  • Certain medications can also affect fertility adversely. So before taking any medicine, consult your family doctor.

Here Is When You Need To Talk To Your Doctor For Pregnancy In IVF

Most healthy couples manage to conceive after having unprotected intercourse for one year. But some couples are not that lucky. And in such cases, it is better for you to get in touch with the best fertility doctor in Bangalore.

  • If the couple is less than 35 years of age, they can try to conceive naturally for one year. In that one year, if they fail to conceive, they should make an appointment and get in touch with a fertility doctor at the earliest.
  • If the couple is more than 35 years of age then it is better to get in touch with the doctor at the earliest.
  • If you are not able to conceive naturally then the doctor will give you an idea about methods like pregnancy in IVF.


The fertility window is very important if you want to conceive naturally. If these things do not work out the natural way, then give IVF a serious thought. Choose a reliable option like Baby Science IVF to connect with experienced specialists.

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