How Much Does IVF Treatment Cost In Bangalore?

How Much Does IVF Treatment Cost In Bangalore?

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is the best way to cure infertility issues in both males and females. Most couples are unable to conceive a baby due to infertility issues. In such a situation, IVF comes into existence to help those couples who are not able to conceive a pregnancy. The cost of IVF treatment depends upon the process, age, time and cause of the problem. Let’s understand more things about IVF.


IVF is known as In-Vitro Fertilization that is a medical process to cure infertility issues and helps a woman to get pregnant. In IVF:

  • An egg and sperm are fertilised together in labs.
  • After fertilisation, the egg is transferred back to the uterus of the woman.
  • IVF includes cycles that may take a longer time to complete.
  • One cycle of IVF can take around three weeks to complete.
  • Cycles depend upon age and infertility issues.

Factors That Decides the Cost of IVF treatment!

1) Types of Infertility Causes: - As we discussed above the cost of IVF treatment depend upon the cause of infertility also. Different causes may take different periods to be treated. Here are some causes that can be treated and diagnose through IVF treatment:

  • Poor quality of sperm and egg.
  • Fewer sperm counts.
  • Endometriosis.
  • Ovulatory dysfunction.
  • Blockage of fallopian tubes.
  • Genetic problems.
  • Undefined infertility.
  • Other issues are harmful to eggs or sperm.

2) Age-Related Factor

In IVF treatment, age plays an important role to get pregnant because:

  • Below 35 years- There are 100% chances of getting pregnant. During this period, a woman can produce lots of mature eggs and can conceive a baby easily.
  • Between 35 to 40 years- The chances of getting pregnant reduced to 15% during this period. In this period, women can’t produce lots of mature eggs. 
  • After 40 years- At this point, it is difficult to carry a baby due to health conditions and less matured eggs. The chance of getting pregnant is reduced to 5% after the age of 40.
  • Usually, the cost of IVF treatment also depends upon the age factor. Higher age may take a higher amount. However, you may have to spend fewer amounts in case of below 35 years of the woman.

3) Cycles & Procedure

During IVF, if a woman is unable to get pregnant in one cycle then she has to go for two or three or more cycles.

  • Each cycle has a different price.
  • If your treatment takes a long time then you may have to bear a higher amount.
  • If a woman gets pregnant in the first cycle then you have to pay fewer amounts.
  • The cycle and procedure completely depend on the causes and age of the woman.


4) Usage of Donor Eggs

If any woman is unable to produce matured eggs then she can go with a donor egg/embryo. 

  • Donor eggs may be expensive for a couple.
  • You have to pay the amount for donor and treatment.
  • Even, you also have to pay for the blood tests, ultrasounds and other important tests during treatment.

5) Repeated Miscarriages

Repeated miscarriages mean a woman is unable to conceive a baby for a longer time. In such a situation, there are fewer chances of getting pregnant in the first cycle. Thus, the cost may be different according to the treatment in this condition.


Undoubtedly, IVF is one of the best and safest ways to cure infertility issues. IVF cost in India is different from clinic to clinic. So, you can also go with a top IVF centre in India to cure infertility issues. The cost will depend upon your problems and the duration of treatment. However, one can also know the IVF treatment cost in Bangalore.