What Exercise Should You Do To Get Pregnant If You Have PCOS?

What Exercise Should You Do To Get Pregnant If You Have PCOS?

Getting pregnant is not an easy task for women nowadays. Most women are facing infertility issues like PCOS. Because of an unhealthy lifestyle, the fertility level is declining in both men and women. That is why; it is essential to boost fertility in natural ways. According to the study, doing regular exercise can help to enhance fertility in women with PCOS. In reality, infertility issues like PCOS regulate hormones in the body of women. As a result, women have to face numerous complications during pregnancy. But, you can increase the chances of getting pregnant through regular exercise. And you can consult an expert at a fertility clinic to know why and what exercises you should do. 

Why do Exercise for Getting Pregnant?

If you are planning to conceive a baby, it is better to start exercising 3 months before conceiving. Also, if any woman is facing an infertility problem, she must exercise on a regular basis. Regular exercise can help women against several health problems. In other words, exercise has plenty of health benefits for women with PCOS. However, you can also consult with your physician before starting new exercises. Have a look at the importance of exercise for PCOS:

  • According to a study, there is a distinctive relationship between PCOS and weight gain. However, most of the women don’t have any issues regarding their weight. This situation happens due to hormonal changes. But, regular exercise helps to maintain a healthy weight in women.
  • By doing exercises regularly, it becomes easy to balance reproductive hormones. For example, progesterone, testosterone, and oestrogen.
  • Sometimes, most women have to face weight loss due to PCOS. However, it is only because of hormonal disturbance. Hence, women can balance hormonal changes along with a healthy weight.
  • If women have ovulation dysfunction and irregular periods, they should exercise regularly to regulate it. Through exercise, women can increase the chances of getting pregnant quicker.

Recommended Exercises for Women with PCOS

It is important to know the right exercise for enhancing the fertility level. If you are under any infertility treatment, it is advised to consult with your doctor. However, women with PCOS can go through some best exercises like:

  • Swimming and Zumba: - In reality, swimming helps to make your body flexible in an easy manner. Women should also choose Zumba classes for raising heart rate and breathing capacity.
  • Cardio Training & Weight Lifting: - Both of these exercises are so important for the health of women. These exercises help to take care of your overall health like blood pressure, cholesterol, weight loss, diabetes, etc. 
  • Consistent Exercise: - This type of exercise helps to maintain the level of stress. Also, it provides better sleeping habits and prevents depression. 
  • Yoga Poses: - In reality, yoga is one of the most common exercises for women with PCOS. Through specific yoga classes, women can improve their fertility level in their body. Make sure to consult with a tutor about suitable yoga poses before and after getting pregnant. 

Final Words

Remember, exercise can help to boost your fertility. If you have any infertility problems, it is better to see a fertility expert. In this way, you can cure infertility at the right time. Also, you can visit any health centre for further discussion.

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