Fertility Options - Types, Treatments And Costs

Fertility Options - Types, Treatments And Costs

If you are facing infertility issues, you should visit an infertility centre and consult a specialist. Your interaction with the infertility specialist will enable you to know the available fertility treatments that can increase the chances of having pregnancy. There are several treatments available for infertility. Due to the latest technology, you can get a baby without any trouble. Here, we will discuss the types, treatments, and costs of infertility in brief.

Types of Infertility

If you are unable to get pregnant after trying one year or above then it shows infertility. In such a situation, you have to visit a doctor immediately. Usually, infertility can be found in both males and females. There are two types of infertility:



  • Primary Infertility: - When a couple is not able to conceive after trying one year or above (without any birth controls) then it is known as primary infertility. In this type of infertility, proper examination and diagnosis are required at the doctor’s clinic.
  • Secondary Infertility: - If any couple has been able to conceive pregnancy for one time but now, they are unable. Such an issue is known as secondary infertility.

Fertility Treatments Available for Infertility!

  • Monitoring Ovulation: - To examine the best time for sex and ovulation, ovulation tests were performed. The main purpose of the test is to stop the irregularities of ovulation. In this way, the doctor can examine the problem and help you to resolve it soon.
  • Medications: - In many cases, medications are provided to the patient. Some infertility can be cured by prescribed medications. But when medicines don’t work then alternate options come into existence.
  • Treatment for Blocked Fallopian Tubes: - Blockage in fallopian tubes also prevents pregnancy. With the surgery, a surgeon clears the blockage of fallopian tubes. For these blockages, the surgeon performs Laparoscopic surgery. Thus, you can get rid of the cause of infertility and increase the chances of getting pregnant.
  • IUI (Intrauterine Insemination): - Usually, IUI is the best treatment to cure several types of infertility. Through this technique, the sperm is inserted into the womb of women by using a needle. This method is inexpensive but less effective compared to IVF. Before IVF, the doctor always goes with IUI first because it is invasive.
  • IVF (in vitro fertilization): - IVF is one of the best methods to cure infertility. When other methods fail then the doctor recommends IVF treatment. In this process, sperm and egg are fertilized together in the lab. After the process of fertilization, the egg transfers back to the uterus of a woman. During this process, hormone injections and surgery are involved. According to the research, IVF has a higher success rate compared to other methods.
  • Donor Egg: - After the completion of the IVF procedure, you can also go through donor embryos. The embryo of the donor will be sent to the womb of another woman. However, this method is less expensive compared to IVF.
  • Surrogate Mothers: - In many cases, most women are unable to get pregnant due to several reasons. In this condition, a couple hires a surrogate mother to carry a pregnancy and give birth to the baby. This procedure is called ‘surrogacy' that is of two types: traditional and gestational.

Cost of Fertility Treatments

Well, the cost of infertility treatment in Bangalore depends on the type of infertility. Various factors affect the cost of fertility treatments such as age, duration of treatments, cost of a surrogate mother, further tests and allowance, medications, types of infertility etc. So, it is better to consult with your doctor before treatment.


You can go to an infertility clinic in your local city such as Bangalore for your fertility treatments. At that centre, try to consult the best infertility specialist in Bangalore for better results. Don’t be careless and visit your doctor in case of any infertility cause. 

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