Should I Do My Fertility Test At Home?

Should I Do My Fertility Test At Home?

As per the study, more than half of the population is facing infertility. Some couples have minor issues while some are facing major fertility problems. That is why; human beings like to go with fertility tests at home. Indeed, infertility negatively impacts both men and women. Sometimes, the male has to experience infertility problems like poor quality of sperm, low sperm count, impotency, azoospermia, etc. 

On the other hand, females also have to face several reproductive health issues related to infertility like blocked fallopian tubes, ovulation dysfunction, etc. Thus, it is clear that infertility affects both males and females equally. But, how can you recognize the signs and causes of infertility? However, you can visit the nearby health centre for fertility tests. Apart from outside, fertility tests at home are the best options for individuals. Let’s discuss more hilarious and important things in this context.

Fertility Tests for Women at Home

Honestly, fertility tests at home are simple for both men and women. Remember, the home fertility tests of women are different compared to men. A small sample of blood is required at home for the fertility test of women. Afterwards, the sample will be sent to the lab for further testing. By these blood tests, one can see the varieties of hormones in the body like:

  • For ovarian reserve, one can see the different hormones like FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone), estradiol, and AMH (anti-mullerian hormone). Also, you can see the number of eggs remaining in the ovaries through the test. 
  • LH (Estrogen and Luteinizing hormone) both are so important to get pregnant. Usually, these hormones gradually increase just before ovulation. LH can be recognized in the urine through “ovulation predictor kits” at home. However, some fertility tests at home also include LH blood tests.
  • At home, women can also identify the thyroid hormones with these blood tests. TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone) is one of the most important hormones to be recognized. Thyroid problems are the reason behind irregular or missing periods and other health issues related to infertility. If any woman is facing major health issues, it is better to go with infertility treatment as soon as possible. 

Fertility Tests for Men at Home

Along with women, men also have to face several kinds of infertility problems. Usually, fertility treatments are available for both men and women. However, the procedure of home fertility tests of men is different in comparison to women. 

The home fertility test for men includes the examination of semen. This helps to observe the health and potentiality of sperm in men. For semen analysis, there are several factors but three of them are important:

  • Sperm count: - It means the quantity/volume of sperm available in the men’s semen. Because of the higher sperm count, men can make their partners pregnant easily. On the other hand, a lower or null sperm count causes several infertility issues.
  • Motility: - The movement of sperm is also essential to be identified. In other words, how the sperms are moving in the semen of men. However, the best fertility centre in Bangalore performs authentic and genuine semen examinations to help infertile men in this regard.
  • Morphology: - Lastly, the shape of sperm is also important to know. Along with sperm count and movement, the sperm’s shape also plays an important role to cure fertility issues. 

At home, men can also identify the availability of sperm in ejaculation through semen analysis. Some specific tests will also provide the sperm quantity and quality in men within the premises of the home. However, fertility tests at home are not authentic and detailed in the comparison of doctor-instructed tests. At a clinic or health centre, men and women both can get complete information from starting to the end.

Final Words

Fertility tests are possible at home through several kits. Modern fertility, LetsGetChecked, EverlyWell, Mira, Dadi, etc are examples of fertility test kits for home. But, these test kits can give you only specific information.

That is why; infertility clinics are available to diagnose your fertility problems and provide complete information on the tests. Secondly, all the tests will be performed under the guidance of an infertility specialist. The doctor/specialist will perform an accurate and genuine fertility test as per your problem. If you are not getting proper results at home, don’t waste your time and visit the best fertility doctor.