Five Things You Should Know About PCOS And Fertility

Five Things You Should Know About PCOS And Fertility

A woman with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) may suffer from fertility problems. Both the terminology is correlated. PCOS is a kind of hormonal disorder detected in the female. The major cause of PCOS is the production of an inadequate amount of androgens in the female body. Generally, androgen is a male sex hormone but it is also present in a small quantity in women.  If due to any reason, the level of androgen exceeds in the woman, it inhibits the formation, growth and release of the egg.


The hormonal imbalance affects the ovulation cycle which sometimes causes infertility issues. So, don’t take a risk and go to a trustworthy fertility clinic in Bangalore or any other location where you reside for the treatment of PCOS.

Major Symptoms of PCOS

PCOS affects the fertility rate to a great extent. So, be aware. Go through the below-mentioned symptoms, and if you experience any of them, contact your specialist ASAP. 

  • Irregular periods (prolonged or infrequent) or no periods (anovulation)
  • Find difficulty in conceiving naturally
  • Increase in body weight/ Obese
  • Become insulin resistant
  • Growth of excessive hair on chest, buttocks, face, and other body parts
  • Loss of hair,
  • Depression, distress, and anxiety
  • Sleep Apnoea, etc.

Types of PCOS

PCOS affects the patient in many ways. Considering its effect, it is divided into four categories:

  • Adrenal PCOS. It occurs in highly stressful condition
  • Insulin resistance PCOS: Around 70% of PCOS patients are suffering from this particular type of syndrome
  • Inflammatory PCOS: Chronic inflammation resulted in inflammatory PCOS
  • Post-pill PCOS: It is caused after taking oral contraceptives or birth control pills
  • If you are suffering from any of the above, move to your nearest fertility clinic in Bangalore without wasting time

Important Facts about PCOS

Proceeding further, let’s discuss a few major theories related to PCOS:

  • According to the reports, PCOS is a result of adverse environmental and genetic factors. These factors combine to cause hormonal imbalance in females. So, consult your doctor and follow their instructions like winter pregnancy care tips, etc. and to combat this problem.
  • Generally, PCOS is incurable i.e. it remains with you until you live. Hysterectomy is an effective treatment of PCOS via which the specialists remove the ovaries completely.  
  • There is a high possibility of health risks in the PCOS-affected women like Type 2 diabetes, endometrial cancer, etc. The risk of PCOS is higher (around 13%) in the girls of the age 11 or 12 i.e. after their first menstrual period (reproductive age). Furthermore, it can also start developing in the early 20s or 30s.
  • Try to avoid fried food, processed drinks, fast foods, sugary drinks, etc. Add green vegetables and healthy food to your regular diet.

Five Things You Should Know About PCOS and Fertility

Now, let’s come to the point and discuss the five things you should know about PCOS and Fertility. In short, how PCOS affects fertility of women. Have a look:

  1. The women suffering from PCOS find difficulty in conceiving i.e. her fertility power decreases. If you go through the IVF treatment, the probability of getting pregnant can increase up to 20-40%.  So, change your lifestyle and undergo assisted reproductive technologies in a reliable fertility clinic in Bangalore, Delhi, etc. for conceiving artificially.
  2. Secretion of excess androgen in the female body (PCOS) directly affects the ovulation cycle. It makes the pregnancy more challenging and more risky. To boost the fertility of women suffering from PCOS, it is suggested to take ovulation medications.
  3. Nowadays, several surgical options are available for PCOS-affected women to enhance fertility. Ovarian drilling is one of the surgical procedures after which your chances of conception increase to 50% within a year.
  4. Nothing is impossible and this theory is applicable in the case of a woman with PCOS. Don’t get frustrated or depressed. You may find complications in conceiving but this is not impossible. Just be positive and consult with your specialists. Prepare a list of important things necessary for a successful pregnancy such as winter pregnancy care tips, etc.
  5. Try to avoid long-term stress and make a diet chart consisting of only healthy food. Avoid alcohol, processed food and other packaged food items.

Wrap Up

PCOS is a fertility-related complication which decreases your chance of conceiving. But, don’t lose hope. Contact your specialists and follow their instructions. It might be possible that soon you will enjoy motherhood.

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