Fertility Tips On How To Get Pregnant Fast

Fertility Tips On How To Get Pregnant Fast

People wonder whether there are things one can do to conceive quickly. Yes, of course, but it might not click for every couple. Most of the individuals possess a different mindset when it comes to conceiving a baby. Some prefer to space their children for a certain period of time while quite a few focus on beating their biological clock.

It is essential to realize the fact that the below-mentioned tips might not work for everybody. Pregnancy is not something that can be planned accordingly. Certain couples get pregnant after attempting for two or three months, but for the majority of them, it would take ample time. Now, we shall discuss some of the effective tips to get pregnant quickly. 

Probable delays: ---- It is not always a smooth and instant process. Individuals are supposed to consult a doctor if they have an implant or an IUD and remove it. This could reflect on your cycles soon after the removal of hormonal IUD.

Avoid using birth control: ---- If you intend to get pregnant, you have to stop using birth control. Individuals may not be aware of the fact that they require adequate time to restore fertility. It is also based upon the type of birth control an individual is using. The fertility will be restored only during the next phase unless you stop using birth control. Although there could be few irregular months amidst regulation of the cycle, but there are still chances of getting pregnant during the initial fertile period.


Enhance your odds: ---- You may consider optimizing your conception sex to get pregnant at a faster pace. One should avoid standard personal lubricants such as KY jelly and Astroglide since it is dangerous to sperm health. However, one's cervical fluid is the best lubricant for conception. If you desire to conceive quickly, you may focus on lying on your back soon after performing sex for quite a few minutes.

Ovulation: --- The most fertile period is two days before ovulation. This could be figured out through different methods such as keeping track of body basal temperature, monitoring fertile cervical mucus, and paying close attention to changes in cervical or take advantage of equipment like Saliva Ferning Microscope.

Engage in maximum sex: ---- It is advisable to perform sex maximum number of days in a month. However, for the majority of people, it could trigger burnout and it is not essential at all. Engaging in sex at least three to four times a week would enhance the chances of conceiving a baby. But, if you are only focusing on ovulation and commit a mistake, you might lose a month. Incessant sex helps improve sperm health too.

Apart from the above-mentioned, there are certain do's and don'ts to conceive quickly.


Getting adequate sleep is essential to get pregnant without any complications. One should focus on consuming a balanced diet and avoid intake of caffeinated beverages.


It is advisable to not get stressed out as it might throw off a woman's cycle and lead to infertility. Engaging in frequent exercise could reduce fertility. A shower of water could hamper the vagina's natural pH balance while flushing out cervical mucus and removing good bacteria.

If you do not conceive within six months to one year of regular attempt, then it is better to consult a doctor. Certain causes of infertility might get worse during the course. Look for better treatment by availing services of Baby Science IVF. We are a leading IVF center in Bangalore indulged in providing all kinds of effective infertility treatment at a competitive charge.