How To Reduce Exposure To Toxic Pesticides That Can Decrease Fertility

How To Reduce Exposure To Toxic Pesticides That Can Decrease Fertility

To increase the chances of getting pregnant, most couples search for different ways while they think about starting a family. However, several assisted reproductive techniques are available to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy. IVF is one of the most important and popular techniques to help couples in getting pregnant. Apart from fertility treatment, successful pregnancy also depends upon your eating habits. In other words, eating habits play an important role in getting positive pregnancy results.


Likewise, organic foods are best known for improving the level of fertility in both males and females. Usually, these foods grow in soil which means there is no risk of pesticides, chemicals, and other preservatives. As per the recent study, eating habits is the main reason behind decreasing fertility. Let’s see some essential tips to decrease exposure to toxic pesticides:

  • Use fertility-boosting items: - Usually, you should use those foods that can increase the level of fertility. In other words, you have to remember some healthy grocery items in your mind. Sweet corn, avocados, pineapple, onions, papaya, eggplant, asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, kiwi, cauliflower, mushrooms, cantaloupe, etc are examples of healthy foods to increase fertility. 
  • Avoid smoking: - Usually, fertility specialists always advise not to smoke in routine. Also, it is better to avoid the surroundings of smokers. Smoking is too injurious for health and declines the level of fertility in couples. However, you can also consult with the best fertility doctor in Bangalore to clear further doubts.
  • Use non-toxic cleaning products: - To avoid pesticides, it is better to use non-toxic products for cleaning and personal care of the body. Always choose baits and traps for bugs rather than any chemical pesticides. Never use a spray to kill bugs.
  • Wipe up your shoes: - Another important thing is your shoes. Always take off your shoes outside the house or on the doormat. In this way, you can stop toxic chemicals from entering your home. Make sure to wipe them on the doormat and then wash your hand properly.
  • Always wear dry and clean clothes: - Hygiene is so important to avoid toxic elements or pesticides. Use only dry and clean clothes every day. The sweat of the body also includes toxic elements that are not good for health. In such conditions, you can also consult a fertility centre for better guidance.
  • Avoid soft and hard plastics: - It is so important to avoid soft plastic such as shower curtains, toys, etc (made with PVC). Along with soft plastic, it is advised not to use hard plastic formulated with BPA. The substitutes of plastics are not good for health and that is why; fertility specialists advise using stainless steel for hot foods. They do not recommend plastic utensils for hot food items.
  • Reduce pesticides and toxic substitutes in food: - Make sure to use organic foods in your daily routine. Also, avoid or reduce the consumption of pesticides and other toxic elements in foods and water. Take less quantity of mercury fish and stop consuming foods that contain toxins. To boost the fertility level, do not use fatty and canned foods in your routine. However, you can also discuss with the fertility specialist in Bangalore for additional details about eating habits.
  • Go for non-toxic materials: - If you are going to paint your home, use non-toxic materials and paints. However, organic materials are the best option for your building. Usually, paints include several types of pesticides and harmful toxins. These are not healthy for the fertility level in the body.
  • Sponge dust frequently: - In every fertility clinic in India, you can see a neat and clean environment. The reason is to avoid pesticides, bacteria, germs and other harmful toxins. Likewise, you should clean every item from furniture to other items in the house on a daily basis. Keep the focus on cleanliness and increase the level of fertility.

Last Words

There are several causes behind the low level of fertility in men and women. Along with health conditions, a hygienic environment is so essential to boost the fertility level. Also, different kinds of pesticides, toxins, and harmful items are not good for our health. But, you should also go with the prescriptions of your fertility specialist. In this regard, you can get proper guidance at any fertility clinic. Also, you can learn additional ideas/tips to increase fertility level.

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