IVF Should Be The First Choice For Infertile Women Over 40

IVF Should Be The First Choice For Infertile Women Over 40

Women of the age of more than 40 have lessened the chances of fertility potential as compared to young women. They also have less success rate, including fertility treatment such as In-Vitro Fertilization or IVF. If the couples try to conceive on their own, then fertility issues can arise. This issue is related to the quality of eggs. 

In addition to that, treatment like IVF works on both factors. These factors include egg quality and egg quantity too. If you face any problem getting pregnant, then getting guidance from the best IVF center is fruit for you. 

How does egg quality affect fertility and IVF? 

Egg quality is an essential factor that includes in determining the embryo quality. With the process of IVF, they have expectations of several embryos. By this, they can select the best embryo from a group for transferring back to the uterus. In addition to that, a considerable part of the egg quality equation consists of the chromosomal status of the egg. 

The rate of chromosomal abnormalities in eggs varied from the age of the female. Along with it, these abnormalities surge with the age of women. For example, if the women's age is 30, then the chromosomal abnormalities of eggs are 30%. At the age of 49, it is 60%. In addition to that, if the women are 44 years old, then the chromosomal abnormalities are 90%.

Moreover, the PGT-A can be utilized for testing the embryos mainly for chromosomally normalcy before transferring it to the uterus. The term PGT-A is defined as the Preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy.

Age limit for the In Vitro Fertilization:

Each clinic has some upper age limit. After the specific age limit, they do not perform in-vitro fertilization by using the eggs of women. In addition to that, different programs have different age limits. 

  • The age limit usually lies between 42 and 45 in most of the programs.
  • Furthermore, the live birth rate of IVF is <1% for women whose ages are more than 45.
  • Various IVF clinics permit a woman to be a recipient of donor eggs through the age of nearly 50.

If you consider the IVF treatment from the best IVF Center, then you will get plenty of benefits. Here is a list of some benefits of considering IVF.

  • This treatment works in that case when the rest of the infertility treatments are failing.
  • One can utilize the donated eggs or sperms.
  • Enhance the chances of having a healthy baby
  • Lessen the chances of miscarriage
  • In addition to that, it enhances the chances of conception too.

Moreover, if you have any doubt regarding IVF, you can take suggestions from Baby Science, the best IVF center. In addition to that, they have a team of fertility experts and so on. The experts will guide you effectively and provide accurate assistance. 

In the end, take the suggestion from the experts on the fertility of Baby Science. They will explain the whole process as per your condition.