Essential Things You Need To Know About The Measles

Essential Things You Need To Know About The Measles

Measles is also named the rubeola, which is categorized as an infectious viral illness. As not all the masses get the vaccination of this so that cases of measles have been raised. Due to this problem, pregnant women and the newborn baby become the victim of some medical complications. When it comes to medical difficulty, then there are several complications that they can suffer from. 

In addition to it, these medical complications include hospitalization and pneumonia. Not only this but this viral illness while pregnancy also becomes the reason for stillbirth, miscarriage, enhances the chances of preterm delivery, low birth weight, and so on. Most women are not aware of the way of protection regarding it. 

Have you ever thought about the way of protecting yourself and your baby from this virus? If not then here is the list of some essential information about it.

Way of transmitting the measles

You will be shocked to know that this virus is highly infectious and stays in the nose and throat mucus of the person infected with this virus. 

  • It is transmitted from one individual to another individual via sneezing and coughing.   It is also spread by the saliva that is kissing or shared drinks.
  • It is also transferred by touching the infectious surface like a blanket.
  • It is transmitted due to skin to skin contact.
  • During the pregnancy, it transfers from mother to baby.

Symptoms of Measles:

The symptoms of measles appeared after the period of ten to twelve days after the exposure of it. Here is the list of some symptoms. 

  • Cough 
  • Runny nose
  • Fever
  • Red Eyes
  • Sore throat 
  • White spots appear inside the mouth.

Apart from it, skin rashes are also a sign of this virus. You will observe these rashes after two weeks of exposure to the virus. In many cases, it occurs on the head, and further, it appears on the other area of the body. 

Treatment for the measles

When it comes to the treatment, then there is no particular treatment for it as the other infections have. In addition to it, the symptoms will disappear within either two weeks or three weeks. Moreover, there are some options available for the treatment of measles. 

  • The measles vaccine will be provided in three days (72 hours) of the exposure.
  • Dose of the immune protein. The dose of immune protein is known as immunoglobulin. It will be provided in the six days of infections. 

How is this virus treated in pregnant women?

The case of treatment of measles in pregnant women includes supportive therapy. Moreover, pregnant women require special monitoring of their lung function. 

Apart from it, if you find the symptoms and you suffer from measles, then you should avoid traveling. In addition to it, they should avoid contact with other individuals.

In the end, these are the essential things you need to know about it. Moreover, you can take guidance from the doctor too. They will suggest you accurately.