Smoking Weed While Pregnant: What Are The Consequences?

Smoking Weed While Pregnant: What Are The Consequences?

Also known as pot, bud or marijuana, weed is a dried recreation drug extracted from a plant named “Cannabis sativa”. People consume weed for getting high, relaxed, and improve sensory perception. But recreational use of this drug is illegal. THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol is the active compound in weed which can get to your baby through your placenta.

It is not easy to determine how weed can affect you and your baby during pregnancy. Many women consume substances like tobacco, alcohol, etc., with weed. Hence, it is not easy to tell what the prime culprit is.

Weed and Pregnancy

Weed is the most widely used illegal drug during pregnancy. Around 13 percent of pregnant women throughout the world use weed but consequences vary, according to a recent study in Erasmus University, The Netherlands. Some women are more likely to use weed, especially socioeconomically underprivileged, urban, and young women.
What weed can do to your body during pregnancy?

Smoking weed while pregnant may cause the following complications –

• Premature birth

• Low birth weight

• Stillbirth

• Small length

• Small head circumference

What weed might do after childbirth?

Experts believe that baby’s brain growth can be highly affected due to exposure to THC. However, the research is still going on about the effects of weed on animals during pregnancy. There are no severe withdrawal symptoms of smoking weed during pregnancy in babies who were born to those mothers. But they may have other changes.

A child whose mother took weed in pregnancy may develop health problems later on. Some recent research is showing some issues.  Some experts believe that THC is a development neurotoxin. If a mother uses weed in pregnancy, her child may have mental health issues like attention, memory, impulses, and academic performance.

Weed and Pregnancy – Some Common Myths

These days, weed users have moved to vape thanks to the growing trend of vape pens, which use vapours rather than smoke.  Many women believe that eating or vaping weed is not harmful to their child. But THC can still harm their baby. It is too early to say anything, but it is undoubtedly not worth taking a risk.

Is medical marijuana safe?

Women who are planning a pregnancy or expectant moms may be inclined to use weed to relieve nausea. It is not easy to control the usage of medical marijuana in pregnancy because it has no standard formulations, standard dosage, delivery systems, and any recommendations from an authorized body about its use. Women have to look for alternative options by asking their doctors.


No doctor would suggest weed, especially when you are pregnant, even for medicinal purposes. Weed is a drug which may have chemicals, and there are different types of weed. It can cause complications during and after pregnancy, and even later in life for a baby. If you use weed and are trying to be pregnant, be sure to tell your doctor.