Surrogacy In Bangalore: To The Couples Who Want A Baby!

Surrogacy In Bangalore: To The Couples Who Want A Baby!

Because of some specific medical issues or personal reasons, most of the couple have to choose surrogacy. It is the most popular and widely used method for infertile couples. In this method, a couple has to find a suitable surrogate mother to carry a pregnancy for nine months. If women are suffering from repeated miscarriages, cancer treatment, weak uterus, and other health conditions, surrogacy is a better alternative for them. However, many women want to live as single mothers and that is why; they choose surrogate mothers. Keep reading and know more details about surrogacy.


Process Included in Surrogacy

Surrogacy is the best option for those women who can’t carry a pregnancy due to several reasons. However, the process of surrogacy involves some important steps like:

  • Selection of surrogate mother: - The first step included in surrogacy is to find a suitable surrogate mother. You should choose a surrogate mother according to the pre-defined criteria of physical and clinical. A service for hiring a surrogate mother in Bangalore is also available for your assistance.
  • Some important tests: - It is important to perform some blood tests and scanning on the surrogate mother. Before choosing, the surrogate mother must be free from infections and other medical conditions.
  • Signing a contract: - A couple and surrogate mother have to sign a contract. Only three people will be involved in this contract. However, this agreement will continue for the whole pregnancy period.
  • Preparation of the uterus: - Afterwards, the doctor/expert will examine and prepare the uterus to transfer the egg/embryo. A doctor will provide prescribed medications for the preparation of the uterine lining.
  • Transferring of an embryo: - The sperm of the male partner and egg of the female partner will be fertilized together in the lab. Then, this fertilized egg is transferred to the uterus of a surrogate mother. However, the IVF success rate in India is higher for surrogacy.

Category of Surrogacy

In reality, surrogacy is mainly of two types, i.e. traditional and gestational surrogacy. Both the methods are reliable and best to perform surrogacy. Let’s discuss these two methods in brief:

  • Traditional Surrogacy: - In this method, the egg of the female partner and the sperm of the male partner are fertilized together in the lab. Afterward, the fertilized and matured egg transfers to the uterus/womb of a surrogate mother. This process is called traditional surrogacy. When a couple wants genetic connections with their child, they choose this method.
  • Gestational Surrogacy: - In such a condition, a child will not have any genetic connections with their parents. Usually, the donor eggs are fertilized together with sperm in the lab. Then, the donor egg (fertilized) transfers to the womb of women. 

Some Essential Tips for Surrogate Mothers

According to the study, a surrogate mother (below 35 years) is a good option to perform surrogacy. However, the surrogate mother has to take care of her health to carry a pregnancy for nine months. In this regard, here are some essential tips:

  • A surrogate mother should be prepared for the process. Make sure, she should be fine mentally and physically. 
  • Previous experience of getting a baby is best for surrogate mothers. It helps to reduce half of the complications during pregnancy.
  • It is advised not to use alcohol and smoke in your routine. Both these items are not safe for the health of both surrogate mother and baby.
  • After conceiving a child, surrogate mothers should live at home only. Don’t go outside until you are in serious condition. 
  • A surrogate mother, who already had a normal pregnancy in the past, is the best choice for surrogacy. This type of surrogate helps to increase the chances of normal pregnancy. 


Surrogacy is the best alternative but it may be expensive. A couple has to pay the amount for the surrogate mother, tests, ultrasound, medications, doctor’s fees, rent, etc. However, all these things will be mentioned in the contract. 

Getting a baby is a desire of every couple. According to the study, many couples are ready to pay lots of money for having a baby. That is why; surrogacy is an important aspect for these types of couples. Make sure that the surrogate mother should be perfect, healthy, and adult. It is important to bring a healthy and fit baby without serious complications.

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