What Should You Do The Next When You Have A Failed IVF

What Should You Do The Next When You Have A Failed IVF

Undoubtedly, a failed IVF can be hurtful for couples. Usually, the success of IVF treatment depends upon several factors. Every couple is suffering from different infertility issues. According to the problems, doctors have to perform treatment in different ways. In such a situation, don’t get disappointed and think positive. There may be several reasons behind failed IVF. As per your infertility problems, various solutions are available for you. First of all, it is important to know “why does IVF fail with good embryos”.


Important Reasons behind Failed IVF

IVF is one of the most successful and accurate treatments for infertility issues. Sometimes, IVF cycles become unsuccessful due to some specific reasons. However, IVF fails in very rare cases (depending upon the types of infertility issue). Here are some specific reasons behind unsuccessful IVF:

  • If Fertilisation is Unsuccessful: - Sometimes, IVF fails when the fertilisation process is unsuccessful. The success of fertilisation completely depends upon the quality of sperm and eggs. 
  • If Embryo didn’t insert: - Indeed, there may be two main reasons behind failed embryo implantation. Firstly, it may be possible that the uterus is not supporting the embryo. There may be possibilities of scar tissues, endometrium, and pre-existing problems. Secondly, it may be possible that the embryo has some chromosomal abnormalities. 
  • Daily Lifestyle: - Your daily lifestyle plays an important role behind unsuccessful IVF. If you are smoking and drinking alcohol, there are higher chances of miscarriages. Also, being underweight or overweight is another reason behind failed IVF.

Here’s what to do next?

You don’t need to worry because there are several solutions for you. Make sure to control your emotions and be positive in such situations. Your stress, depression, and sadness can decrease the chances of getting pregnant. Here are the next steps that you and your partner should consider:

  • Another Cycle of IVF: - Make sure to ask your doctor regarding another attempt at IVF. Sometimes, it may take more than one, two, or three cycles for the success of IVF. Usually, IVF cycles depend upon several factors like age, infertility issues, health conditions, etc.
  • Donor Eggs: - If any woman is not able to produce mature eggs, she can go through donor eggs. In other words, women can insert donor eggs in their uterus for getting pregnant. Also, doctors will perform all tests of the donor. The eggs of the donor (under 30) are known as healthy.
  • Surrogacy: - Apart from the above-mentioned two methods, surrogacy is the only option to obtain. Most of the women are unable to accept fertilised embryos (due to some specific reasons). In such a situation, surrogate mothers are the best option. As per your choice, you can choose a healthy and young surrogate. A surrogate mother will carry your unborn baby 
  • for the next nine months. However, the doctor will perform a medical and psychological examination of the selected surrogate. 

Final Words

Unsuccessful IVF doesn’t mean that you can’t get a baby. In reality, you can get your baby through several methods. All you need is to have patience and consult with your fertility experts. They will guide you properly to cope with such a situation.

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