Financial Counselling

There is no denying that financial talks are awkward when it comes to treatment but our financial advisors can make it comfortable for the childless couples who come to us for treating their infertility problems. They know how to help our patients. They can review the estimated costs related to your fertility and allied reproductive treatments and they can speak to any existing or prospective patients. Usually, new patients have no idea about the treatment cost and plan until they visit our IVF clinic and go through some tests. Our financial counsellors can come to the rescue after those things. They can help you know your options and come up with the right plan.

Don’t worry! We provide private counseling to our patients without any extra cost as part of our commitment. Fertility treatment usually comes up with major financial woes and questions in your mind. We are here to help each patient as advocates and help them to know the right approach as per their budget, covering discounts, insurance coverage, guarantees, lending, etc. 

The chart below will give you an overview of IVF cost at Baby Science IVF Clinics


Our financial counselors have years of expertise in working with several health insurance firms and medical billing. If you have an insurance plan, we can help you make the most of it by talking to your insurance provider. Different people have different employer coverage and healthcare plans and costs vary dramatically. After having a clear picture of what we can do, we can assure you with estimates for different treatment plans, along with detailed review of costs and services that are not covered. Feel free to email, call or schedule an appointment to walk in to see our financial counselor. Get Estimates in Advance.


Registration & Consultation Rs. 600/-
Baseline Investigations Female Rs. 6000/- Male Rs. 3500/-
IVF Medication Rs. 50000/- to Rs. 90000/-
Basic IVF Package Varies from case to case and costs depends on medical history
Embryo Freezing (Optional) Rs. 25,000/- for six months

Many Organisations, Government Agencies And Other Community Legal Centres Offer Free Financial Counselling Services To The People. Financial Counselling Is Also Known As A Confidential Service That Is Done By Fully Trained And Skilled Counsellors. A Financial Counsellor Will Provide You With Better Assistance In Financial Issues Like Bills Or Fines Etc.

Financial Advisors Are Specialists In Dealing With Financial Issues Like Debt, Bills Etc. Financial Advisors Help Their Clients To Get Out Of Debt Easily. They Give Unique And Awesome Ideas To The Clients For Preventing Any Financial Issues. Financial Advisors Provide Services Like: • Preparation Of Income Tax • Estate Planning • Investment Management

The Financial Counsellor Also Helps Their Clients With Medical Bills. In Other Words, If They Want To Take A Refund From Insurance Companies Then The Financial Counsellor Helps Them. The Counsellor Will Coordinate From Both The Parties For Receiving Payments. Literate Patients Always Contact A Financial Counsellor For Dealing With Insurance Companies.