Hysteroscopy Test

Hysteroscopy is the inspection of the uterine cavity by passing the endoscope through the cervix. It allows for the diagnosis of problems in the cavity of the uterus and also serves as a method for correction for most problems (operative hysteroscopy). Common conditions that can be treated through hysteroscopy are tumours like polyps, fibroids, abnormalities like septum, etc.


Hysteroscopy Is A Procedure To See Inside The Uterus. In This Process, A Device (including Light And Camera) Inserted Into The Uterus And The Doctor Can Easily See Inside The Uterus. However, This Process Is Not Painful But You May Have To Face Some Hampering During Treatment. In This Regard, The Doctor Will Give You Some Medications To Make You Relax Before Treatment.

Hysteroscopy Is The Best Process To Determine The Health Problems Internally By Putting A Small Device Into The Uterus. This Device Contains A Camera And Light To See Inside The Uterus. The Doctor Uses This Procedure To Determine: • Heavy Periods • Irregular Bleeding • Pelvic Pain • Miscarriages Or Facing Difficulty In Pregnancy • Postmenopausal Bleeding • Other Vaginal Related Problems

During The Process Of Hysteroscopy, It Is Possible That A Doctor Can Fill Air Into The Uterus Of The Woman. If Air Is Filled In The Uterus Then The Woman May Have To Face: • The Pain Of Gas On The Belly • Some Hampering (maybe For Longer Time) • A Few Vaginal Bleeding (maybe For Longer Time) • After The Process, Shoulder Pain Is Common In Woman