Laparoscopic Surgery is effective to treat or diagnose infertility issues. Laparoscopy is a less painful diagnostic process in which a few small cuts are made in your belly. A slender fiber-optic tube “Laparoscope” is inserted with a beam and tiny camera. 

When Do You Need Laparoscopy?


Laparoscopy surgery is needed to diagnose the root cause of infertility. It is usually performed only when testing is necessary for specific symptoms after other infertility tests. However, it shouldn’t be conducted every time. Here are some of the common reasons laparoscopy in Bangalore is recommended –

  • Heavy or painful period
  • To diagnose or get rid of cysts
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Biopsy (doctors take a tissue sample for tests)
  • To cure female infertility
  • To remove certain parts of the intestine
  • To diagnose and cure endometriosis

How Much Does Laparoscopy Cost in Bangalore?

The average cost of laparoscopy is not so affordable in western countries. Hence, most couples travel to India for advanced medical treatments at a reasonable price. The laparoscopy cost in Bangalore depends on many factors, such as hospital, medical staff, the technology they use, and patients’ health condition, diagnosis, and other procedures involved.

At Baby Science IVF, we are known to provide completely painless fertility treatments. Our hysterolaparoscopy cost is also very reasonable and better than other IVF clinics in town. Most patients have reported no side effects, while some had a mild pain level for a while after the procedure. Our experienced Ob/GYN provides complete detail about infertility problems and comes up with the best treatment plan.

Why Do You Need Laparoscopy Surgery in India? 

Laparoscopy is a surgical process, but it is less painful. Doctors need to get a clear view of inside the body using a tiny and thin telescopic camera. There are some infertility cases when laparoscopic surgery is very fruitful. It is considered for both diagnosis and correction of a reproductive health issue.  Sometimes, routine checkups are not enough to identify some infertility factors. As a diagnostic process, laparoscopy can quickly determine ongoing health conditions that may affect your fertility.

As a corrective measure, laparoscopy help women in drainage and removal of huge endometrioma, multiple fibroids removal,  myo-reduction of the uterus, and disconnection or removal of Hydrosalpinx (a widened tube filled with fluid). These procedures are conducted to fix the problem of infertility.

Sometimes, laparoscopy is the only option to diagnose some infertility problems. A doctor can get a complete overview of your abdomen and find out the suspicious cysts or buildups that should be removed.  It also improves the chances of pregnancy, either with fertility treatments or in a natural fashion.

What to Expect During the Procedure?


A surgeon inserts a laparoscope very carefully into the abdomen by making minor incisions. They will observe the inside of your abdomen and pelvis. Usually, general anesthesia is needed in this surgery. The procedure starts when the patient goes unconscious.

The surgeon will make a minor cut around the belly button and insert the tube. They will inflate some CO2 gas into the abdominal cavity. They blow the gas to get a clear insight into the inner organ. There are three entry points (small incisions) made to embed one camera and two robotic arms.

How much time is needed for recovery?

You may feel sore a little bit around the cuts after the surgery. You may also have soreness in your shoulders because the gas causes pressure in the abdomen. You will be discharged after some time. You may take some rest and get back to normal within a week. You don’t have to suffer large cuts or pain. However, some irritation might be felt around the cuts, but it will go away soon after some time.

Baby Science is the best laparoscopy hospital in Bangalore, with an experienced panel of specialists. Our procedures are less-invasive, and we care for every patient to make them feel comfortable. Our sterilization process is top-notch for all the procedures with 0% risk of complications and infection. We have the best technical staff to conduct all preliminary tests.

Laparoscopy Is Less Painful When It Is Compared To Other Fertility Treatments. It Is Painful, As A Small Cut Is Made On Your Belly To Insert A Slender Fiber-optic Tube With The Use Of A Tiny Camera And A Beam. It Is Good To Talk To Your Doctor About This Process.

You Donít Need To Stay In The Clinic Or Hospital For A Longer Period. Your Doctor Can Discharge You After A Few Hours (2-4 Hours) Of The Procedure Done. You Can Get Recovered After A Week. Some Of You Might Be Asked To Visit The Clinic/hospital For Two To Eight Weeks Of Laparoscopy.

You Will Get Pregnant After Your Laparoscopic Treatment. Your Doctor Will State You The Ideal Time. Usually, Females Get Pregnant After 3-6 Months Of Their Laparoscopic Treatments. In Some Cases, Some Of You Can Take A Period Of 12 Months To Get Pregnant.

It Is Your Doctor Or Dietician Who Can State You What Food You Should Take After Laparoscopic Surgery. However, You Should Take Light Juices And Foods Such As Apple Juice, Ice Pops, Crackers, Ginger Ale, Soup, And Toast. You Should Include Berries (blueberries, Raspberries, Etc.), Vegetables (cabbage, Cauliflower, Etc.), Nuts, Oils, Fish, Leafy Greens, And Eggs.

After Having Laparoscopic Surgery, You Should Avoid Spicy Foods, Hard Food Items Difficult To Chew, Chips & Popcorn, Alcoholic Beverages, Processed Foods, Orange & Tomato Juices, And Stale Foods. Always Take Freshly Cooked Food As Your Meal. Consult Your Doctor/dietician To Know More On Your Diet After Laparoscopic Surgery.