Family planning has become very simple with highly advanced fertility procedures like Vitrification. At Baby Science IVF Clinics, we can quickly freeze and thaw eggs and embryos with this advanced technique. Earlier, slow freezing was the technology used for egg and embryo freezing, which is also known as cryopreservation. 

What is Vitrification?

Vitrification is an egg and embryo freezing technology to store them to use later. Along with embryo and egg freezing, this technology is used in different ways. It can turn anything with crystal structure into something smooth. Some of the best examples are manufacturing china cups and plates with sand, glass with sand, and cotton candy from crystalline sugar. 

Unlike other processes, our experienced gynaecologists at Baby Science focus on cooling down the fluid to subzero temperatures while avoiding crystal formation to freeze the cells. Ice crystals can be dangerous to the cells. They can quickly kill the cell by shredding the cell membrane. Also, the cell expands in volume when water turns into ice, and it kills the cell.  Hence, specific processes should be developed to freeze the cells while avoiding ice formation. The science behind this technology combines Vitrification and slow freezing to protect human embryos. 


Why Vitrification? 

Despite being an age-specific process, Vitrification helps any fertile woman conceive naturally whenever she wants to raise a family. Whether she is in her twenties or forties, Vitrification has come as a boon to a couple to conceive whenever they want. 

Embryo Freezing Process 

Embryos can be frozen with two methods – Non-permeating and Permeating. The cell temperature goes down to zero in both of these processes. It is vital to keep the cell alive for an extended period. This process allows a woman to conceive even in her forties. In this process, utmost accuracy is required to improve the success rate. Visit Baby Science IVF Clinics if you want to get pregnant on your own will. 

Why Choose Baby Science for Vitrification? 

Baby Science IVF Clinics is one of the leading Vitrification clinics in Bangalore. At Baby Science, we are trusted by thousands of happy couples. We have highly qualified specialists to improve the success rate of Vitrification with advanced processes. At Baby Science, we promise to provide cost-effective Vitrification and other advanced treatments. Feel free to call us to discuss your problems with our experts. 

With the advancement of technology, storing embryos safely for later use has never been so easy. If you are focusing on your education or career at present, but you want to become a mother later, you can use this process. We conjugate the female and male gamete to develop an embryo and help couples to delay their pregnancy for the given period. This process is entirely safe and is used by millions of couples. 

Our Vitrification treatment has come as a safe and cost-effective process for the patients. We maintain complete transparency and don’t take hidden charges. With our experts and other healthcare staff, we take utmost care of your health and go beyond your expectations. Visit Baby Science if you want the freedom to become a parent anytime you want.


Vitrification Is A Process In Which The Cells Of Cryopreservation Can Be Freeze Without Any Ice. In Other Words, This Process Is The Best And Effective Method Of Cryopreservation In Which The Embryo Can Freeze Faster Compared To Another Method. In The Absence Of Solid Ice, Vitrification Works More Effectively To Freeze Cells Or The Whole Solution.

First Of All, Vitrification Is A Freezing Process That Helps To Freeze Eggs Or Embryos. It Is One Of The Fastest Methods For Freezing Without Any Ice Crystal. In Other Words, It Freezes Eggs Or Embryos Like A Solid Glass Structure Without Making Any Crystal Of Ice. That Is Why Most Fertility Centres Use This Method To Freeze Eggs Or Embryos For Future Use.

Vitrification Is The Best And Ideal Choice To Freeze Eggs Or Embryos Without Making Crystal Of Ice. Its Cooling Is So Fast And It Forms A Shapeless Glass. In This Process, Embryos Directly Abstract Into A Liquid Nitrogen Solution And Formed A Shapeless Glass Structure. Without The Formation Of Ice Crystal, Vitrification Can Freeze The Embryo Rapidly.