IUI Treatment

IUI is the process performed by collecting the partner’s sperm and placing it inside the uterine cavity of  women around the time of ovulation to increase the chances of fertilization.

IUI works in cases when women have the following medical conditions:

• Unexplained infertility issues

• Hostile cervical problems

• A cervical scar that blocks the passage of sperm

• PCOS after it is treated with medication

• Thick cervical mucus

Or, when your male partner has:

• Low sperm motility

• Low sperm count

• Ejaculation problems

How is IUI Procedure Performed?


IUI procedure starts with collecting your blood samples and undergoing an ultrasound test to check your condition. If everything looks good, your IUI will be scheduled just before you start ovulating.

Before inseminating the uterus with the sperm, you will be administered hCG shots, generally 24 hours before the procedure, to increase the chances of insemination.

On the day of the process, the sperm will be prepared and chosen by the sperm washing process. A catheter containing your sperm will then be placed inside your uterus through the cervix. Generally, you will be asked to lie horizontally for a few minutes after the procedure is performed.

And then, it is done! Be patient for two weeks and wait for the sperm to do its job!

IUI Success Rate in India

For a woman below the age of 35, the chances of pregnancy are 10% to 20%, while for a woman between the age of 35 and 40, the chances are 10%. For women above the age of 40%, the chances reduce to 5%. The success rate of IUI is lesser than the success rate of IVF.

How much does IUI Treatment Cost in Bangalore? 

When fertility medications do no longer work, IUI will become the first treatment your doctor recommends. It is easier than other reproductive procedures like IVFICSI, PCOS and other treatments. But it goes without saying that the price varies by location and clinic. At Baby Science, our IUI cost in Bangalore is generally better than our competitors. The actual cost of IUI treatment in Bangalore varies upon several factors like complications you may have, the number of cycles you need, and other costs like injections required, ultrasound, medications, etc. 

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) treatment involves collecting sperm from the male partner and directly injecting it into the uterus. It is an artificial insemination procedure where sperm is filtered and concentrated before injecting it into the uterus. However, women with severe endometriosis or a history of pelvic adhesions shouldn’t go for this treatment. Women without tubal problems and men with severe infertility should go for this procedure. Apart from the initial cost, couples should also add expenses like ovulation induction, ultrasounds, and ovulation tracking. You may need several medications and multiple visits, which may add up the cost. 

Why Choose Baby Science for IUI Treatment? 


At Baby Science, we have a team of highly qualified and experienced doctors who pay attention to every detail to improve the success rate. We have highly dedicated and focused medical staff on providing better treatment than other clinics in our area. Baby Science provides the best IUI cost in Bangalore. It’s the top IUI fertility treatment centre, where every patient is treated with highly personalized care. We follow ethical business policy, take no hidden charges, and pay utmost care to the childless couples who come to us.

We have friendly doctors to comfort every patient so that they can easily share their current problems and medical history. Our highly skilled doctors have years of practice in infertility treatment, and they have helped patients with even the most complicated issues. 

The Success Of IUI Depends On Various Factors Such As Sperm Count With Active Percent In Male, Females Uterus Condition, Age Of Couple, Etc. Its Your Doctor Who Can Say How Much This Fertility Treatment Will Be Successful For You After Knowing Yours And Your Partners Physical As Well Medical Examinations.

IUI Is Performed By Knitting A Thin Supple Catheter Via The Cervix And Administering Washed Sperm Into The Uterus. The Process Is Of A Short Period And Usually Needs The Administration Of A Speculum And The Catheter. It Lasts For 60-90 Seconds.

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) Is A Kind Of Artificial Insemination, Which Is Used To Treat Infertility To Help A Couple Be Parents Of A Baby. It Is Done By Threading A Flexible Thin Catheter Through The Cervix. In This Process, The Washed Sperm Is Directly Administered Into The Uterus.

Usually, An IUI Is Performed Within 6 Hours On Either Side Of Ovulation. If The Time Is Dependent On An HCG Injection, Intrauterine Insemination Is Done Between 24 To 48 Hours. In The Case Of Two IUI Schedules, There Should Be A Gap Of At Least 24 Hours.

The Success Rate For IUI Depends On Its Cycle. With One Cycle Of IUI, Women Have 10-20 Percent Chances Of Getting Pregnant. As Per Experts, Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant Are Higher With More Cycles Of An IUI. If You Go For 3-6 IUI Cycles, You Could Have Up To 80% Chances Of Being Pregnant.

Your Doctor Is The Right Person To State The Right Sperm Count For Having A Successful IUI. Generally, 10 Million Moving Sperm Is Needed For An IUI. A Few Doctors Have Helped People To Be The Parents With 1 Million Sperm In Their Male Partner.