Due to a particular medical condition or other reasons, many couples opt for a surrogate mother to raise their biological child. The surrogate mother lends her womb to raise a baby for the couples who are intended to become parents. Surrogacy in Bangalore is especially helpful when the female partner has a history of miscarriage, cancer treatment, or any severe medical condition, or a weak uterus.

Surrogacy is also preferred by women who wish to become single mothers. At Baby Science, we conduct all surrogacy procedures strictly in an ethical and upright manner. A surrogate duly signs a contract and consent in the beginning with us. 

What is Included in Surrogacy? 


Here are the steps involved in the whole procedure - 

  • Selection – Once you enter the surrogacy program, Baby Science will contact a partner bank to assign the most suitable surrogate as per the pre-defined physical and clinical criteria. 
  • Tests – We analyze the pregnancy potential as per the blood tests and scans conducted on the surrogate mother. Make sure the surrogate mother has no infections and medical conditions. 
  • Contract – There are three people involved in a legally-binding contract – the couple and the surrogate, and it will be valid throughout the pregnancy. Another agreement will be signed by the reproductive bank, the surrogate, you, and your partner along with this contract. After signing both contracts, you will be entirely responsible for the child, the surrogate mother, and her pregnancy expenses until delivery. As per the surrogacy agreement, the surrogate will no longer hold any right on any children she carries after delivery. 
  • Preparing Uterus – Her uterus will be prepared to transfer the embryo. She will get all the medications to prepare the uterine lining. 
  • Embryo Transfer – Finally, your husband’s sperm and your eggs will be combined for fertilization in the lab setting. The doctors will transfer the matured eggs into the surrogate’s womb for the procedure. 

What is the cost of surrogacy?

If you are wondering whether surrogacy is expensive, you don’t have to worry. We provide all-inclusive treatment packages without any hidden cost. As per the egg donor and the type of surrogacy preferred, the cost of surrogacy in Bangalore varies. Feel free to schedule an appointment to know the actual cost. Surrogacy cost ranges Rs. 15 Lakhs to Rs. 16.5 Lakhs in Bangalore.

Types of Surrogacy

You can choose from two options – traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy. We recommend gestational surrogacy when we need donor eggs to form embryos in a laboratory before transferring into the surrogate's uterus. Here, the surrogate child won’t have any genetic father. 

On the other side, the child will have genetic connections to her intended parents as mother’s eggs are implanted into the carrier’s uterus in traditional surrogacy. 

We have highly specialized gynaecologist to provide the best care and guidance. We help both parents and gestational mothers to ensure a smooth process. Our surrogate mother cost would be reasonable for our clients. We ensure our surrogate mothers – 

  • Are below 35 years old and have a positive outlook
  • Are mentally and physically fine and prepared for the process 
  • Have prior experience of conceiving a child 
  • Have a history of normal pregnancy without complications 
  • Don’t drink or smoke 
  • Live an everyday life at home 

Who should opt for Surrogacy? 


Infertile couples who have tried all treatment procedures and who had some infertility issues cannot be treated and can go for surrogacy. It is best for couples with the following issues – 

  • Couples who have failed several ICSI or IVF cycles 
  • Female partner with severe health problems like depression, heart issues, etc. 
  • Female partner who has a history of miscarriage for three times or more 
  • Women with a weak uterus 
  • Women who have been through hysterectomy surgery 
  • Any condition that makes pregnancy risky or impossible 

Why Choose Us for Surrogacy? 

We are one of the best surrogacy hospitals where we help couples to have a surrogate mother to carry their own baby to term. 

  • Best and Trusted Surrogates – We select all the surrogates carefully who pass our strict fertility criteria. All our surrogate mothers are fit, healthy and young.
  • Proven Track Record – All our surrogate mothers have experience of delivering at least one child without any complications. We conduct some blood tests and scans to check the pregnancy potential of each surrogate. 
  • Complete Screening – After selecting a surrogate, we will screen them for infections like hepatitis C, hepatitis B, HIV, and syphilis. 

Baby Science is one of the best surrogacy clinics in Bangalore, where we help couples have a child safely and legally. We are here to provide low cost surrogacy treatment without leaving any legality behind before starting the process. 

Surrogates Are Paid As Per The Agreement Made With Them. The Amount Is Paid In Installments As A Surrogate Mother Gets Pregnant. It Is The Amount That You Have To Pay Or Is Included In The Fee Doctors/a Fertility Clinic Charges You.

Surrogacy Is A Legal Agreement That A Couple/parent Makes With A Surrogate Mother. In It, A Female Lends Her Womb To The Couple/parent Who Canít Be Parents/mother Of A Baby To Some Medical Complications Such As Frequent Miscarriage Or Womb Problems. It Is Of Two Types Ė Traditional Surrogacy And Gestational Surrogacy.

A Surrogacy Agreement Is A Type Of Legal Binding For A Woman Who Lends Her Womb And A Couple/female Who Wishes To Be The Biological Parents/mother Of A Baby. This Agreement Protects Both Parties From Issues In The Future And Assist Them What They Want To Do For Each Other.

The Intended Parents Have To Follow The Surrogacy Laws In Their States/countries. They Become The Legal Parents When A Surrogate Mother Hands Over The Baby To Them After The Birth And Sign The Respective Agreement.

The Age Limit For Surrogacy Varies From One State/country To Another. In India, It States That The Surrogate Mother, Usually A Relative/professional Female Who Lends Her Womb, Should Be Between 25 And 35. If A Female Is Physically And Mentally Fit And Ready To Lend Her Womb, She Could Be A Surrogate Mother.

A Surrogate Mother Is Not Always Expensive. The Cost For Hiring A Surrogate Mother Actually Depends On The Agreement You Have With A Female Who Gets Ready To Be A Mother Of Your Child. In The USA, A Surrogate Mother Can Ask You Pay Something Between $90 000 And $1 30 000 But Rs 15 00 000 To Rs 20 00 000 In India.