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We had a great experience at Baby Science IVF clinic, Thanks to Dr Manjunath and team for their support and guidance,we welcomed our lovely daughter "Shambavi". Thank you Dr. Manjunath for your care and concern.Words could never express our gratitude for all that you did and continue to do for us. You are truly amazing, compassionate & brilliant human being! We admire you for your commitment to all of those patients and families who you touch every day! The staff at Baby Science IVF clinic are so friendly and caring. We thank all of you and we are very happy to have selected baby Science IVF clinic. Our best wishes and may you continue to spread happiness to many more families Thanking you Srigopal, Krithika & Shambavi

Patient one

we were blessed with two most beautiful creatures of the world, our twin daughters, Ria and Sia.

Patient two

Dr Manjunath is one of the rare category of doctors who takes on the role of a doctor.

Patient three

We wish Dr. Jyothi Patil , success in life and good luck. I don't have word to say. Thanks

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